Cantonese Chicken Wings


32 chicken wings; 1 (~ 100g) ginger root; 4 garlic cloves; 2 tablespoons honey (liquid); 1 tablespoon chinese 5-spice powder; 2 tablespoons soya sauce; 1 tablespoon hoinsin sauce; salt, pepper.


Serves 4. Preparation: 20-25 minutes. Marination: 30 minutes. Cooking: 9-10 minutes. Calories per portion: 155.

Rinse and dry the chicken wings. Clean the ginger and chop finely. Clean and press the garlic cloves.


Take the chopped ginger root, garlic, honey, spices, MSG (yech!), soya sauce and hoinsin sauce, mix well and bring to a boil in a large frying pan. Remove from heat and add salt and pepper. Add the chicken wings to the hot marinade, mix well, turning occasionally.
Let the chicken wings cool on an oven rack over a piece of aluminum foil (to catch the dripping sauce).
Pre-heat the oven to 220°. Place the oven rack with the chicken wings in the top of the oven. Cook for 9-10 minutes, watching carefully. Remove the chicken wings as soon as they are brown and crispy.
Place the chicken wings on a pre-heated (!) platter and serve immediately. Eat 'em up, yum!


Many Chinese cookbooks recommend that spices like salt, pepper and the 5-spice powder be slowly heated in a dry pan. (This will heighten the flavour.)
If you can't get ahold of chicken wings, substitute the lower half of chicken legs, or chop a small chicken into 8 pieces.

Translated from annabelle 10/89

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