La Socca

This is a traditional recipe from Nice, but the same thing can be found in Italy as far away as Tuscany under the name of "Cecina". Typically eaten as a snack or an antipasto. In Pisa it is also eaten in a sandwich of bread made from pizza dough, known as "Fritella con Cecina". Around Livorno it is also known as "5 e 5" — because after WW II it was an inexpensive meal, the bread costing 5 cents, and the cecina costing another 5 cents.


200 g gram (chick pea) flour; 600 g water; 1 tsp salt; 3-4 tbsp olive oil.


Pre-heat the oven to a high temperature (230° C).
Sift the gram flour. Add olive oil and salt to the flour, then stir in the water, taking care to avoid any lumps.
Ideally, let the mixture sit for a couple of hours. Skim off any foam that rises to the top.
Pour the mixture into a oiled pan (a dedicated 34cm tin-plated copper baking pan is best).
Cook in the oven, turning on the grill, and placing the socca close to the grill.
Remove from the oven when golden brown (almost burnt in spots) ~6-10 min.
Slice into pieces and serve immediately. Add olive oil and pepper to taste.

Tip: If you can get it, add thin slices of lardo on top the socca before serving.

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